Things I wish I was Told before going to University

Entering university can be one of the best happiest moments in our lives. For many of us, it is a place in which our memorable years are spent, however often at times, we are not guided properly as to what to expect and lead your life once you are over there. It can also mean different things for many of us. Here are the things that I thought are important, which I would have wished to be told about

1. Every day counts

This is a very known and common saying that each day comes once in a lifetime, so we should make it count. It simply means our time as students should not be wasted especially on unnecessary things. The challenge is accepting that and taking up acting. There is an actual challenge of procrastination amongst students. The phrases “I’ll do it later”, “I still have time” and so on may cause us some harm especially in our academic activities. College or university work is HUGE; therefore it requires you to be all in at all times. Students should learn to be able to point out something they have achieved for a day. One of the most important things is, DO NOT, and I mean NEVER be surprised or caught off guard by submissions or due dates. One should divide their work accordingly rather than doing a bunch of things towards a deadline. The most important thing however is finding happiness and meaning in your average day to day life as a student

2. Go out, meet new people

Socializing is a very important aspect of a student’s life. There are just too many things that you cannot possibly be able to achieve or do on your own, no matter how much you may think. Not only are you enhancing and improving your academic skills and knowledge through these interactions, but you are also helping yourself grow as an individual and learn to become even a better person. On-campus, there are people of different cultural races, cultural backgrounds, and ethnic backgrounds. It is obvious that you do not agree on the same things, and have different perspectives for different concepts. Through this interaction, you are allowed to see and view the world from different perspectives and viewpoints. You then grow and learn outside of the four walls of the lecture hall. Others see this as an opportunity to recognize their purposes in life

3. Find out if there are classes that teach basic practical skills

Most universities offer theoretical courses, which is awesome. But, wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to tie a knot? Or how to play an instrument anything that uses or is performed by hand using any time of equipment, tools, anything. You never know which healthy hobby you might discover through these practical causes and as a result, you are inspired and uplifted to learn more about yourself and could see your limits. This can also enhance your thinking skills. While you are at college, challenge yourself and your mind to experience such things.

4. Volunteer in academic structures or any services related activities

Usually, academic structures give you a framework of what is it that your course is about and provides you with an opportunity to gain experience. Most of the things that are done are usually those that you can expect once you graduate and adventure into the world of employment. Not only do these services provide you with experience, but they also increase the chances of you being employable. Always find an opportunity that will be beneficial to your CV. Do not just go there to just study and gain your certificate and the end of the program, especially since many universities are theoretical

5. Find your passion

This will help you to have a comfortable and successful college life and experience. In this aspect, one is allowed to do what is important to themselves. Most of us find ourselves seeking to please our parents or family members, you can find balance through this aspect as you will allow telling others about what you love to do and how it is valuable to you. It somehow helps one to reach and achieve their goals in life. In the simplest terms, find something that makes you happy!