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Its very easy to get enrolled into a university or a collage nowadays. The challenge starts when you have to adapt to the new environment and the new life.The thing is, its really not that difficult once you get the hang of it, but at the same time it wouldn't hurt to note down these helpful guides that would make college life much easier for you

Very important! Once you have a direction and once your way is paved you can break through every obstacle that comes your way. So many things may come…

Entering university can be one of the best happiest moments in our lives. For many of us, it is a place in which our memorable years are spent, however often at times, we are not guided properly as to what to expect and lead your life once you are over there. It can also mean different things for many of us. Here are the things that I thought are important, which I would have wished to be told about

1. Every day counts

This is a very known and common saying that each day comes once in a lifetime, so…

There are many amazing unique things and products that you can only find in South Africa. There are many of which I could think of but to name a few I decided of those I usually come across on a daily basis and I’m sort of connected to them in a way

As a tea lover it was natural that I mention this amazing indigenous herb. The famous caffeine free herbal tea not only originates in Africa, but it only grows in its homeland, Cape Town, South Africa. Aspalathus linearis is an indigenous herb plant that actually is brewed…

Community-based media ensure media pluralism, diversity of content, and the representation of a society’s different groups and interests. Community media encourage open dialogue and transparency of administration at local level and offer a voice to the voiceless. They are established on the concepts of public access, sharing experiences and information

Broadcast Media?

We now live in a digitized world where technology is thriving. People stream any form of entertainment live on the internet. In the history of our existence we have never heard of community television. Or at least on my part. But I am very sure my mates would…

Motlalepula Joyce

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